The motorcycle cruiser: Bobsledder Helen Upperton

Her coaches turned a blind eye.
But when Canada's top bobsled driver Helen Upperton rumbled home on a motorcycle--a big motorcycle-- no one was the least bit surprised.
"A couple people told me my bike is way too big for a girl," said the 29-year-old, between summer training sessions at Canada Olympic Park and rides on her 1100 cc Yamaha V-Star cruiser. "The guy that sold it to me, said, 'Well, you know, you're strong. And you're pretty brave. And you can probably handle it so give 'er.'
"So, I tried it and I loved it."
Upperton, a self-confessed adrenalin junkie who is always looking for her next thrill, loves hitting the open road. Almost as much as she loves cruising down an icy bobsled track.
And, in a lot of ways, the two are very similar.
"I've taken my bike up to 150 kilometres an hour because that's how fast we go (on the track) in Whistler," said Upperton, who bought her bike following the 2006 Olympics in Turn as a present for her fourth-place finish. "When you're on a motorbike, going 150, you actually realize how insane our sport is.
"When you're sitting in a sled, there's so much you're having to do and concentrate on and the corners are coming so fast that you don't really acknowledge the speed you are going at. But when you are going straight on a bike, and you can feel the wind . . .