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    Default Calgary motorcyclists complete ride around the world

    After 118 days of riding a motorcycle along the dirt track of Mongolia, over the occasionally unpaved stretch of highway through Russia and across the thoroughfares that criss-cross the United States, it's no surprise the first thing Tim Dzaman did when he got back to Calgary was lie on the couch.

    The trip saw him and friend Cory Hanson, make their way through 17 countries, notching 30,000 kilometres on their odometers.

    It also saw the pair camping where possible--spending a few nights in Siberian hotels where there was only a chance there would be power or water--making repairs at the side of the road and trying to decipher the contents of canned goods in Russian supermarkets.
    Despite the adventures -- and misadventures -- along the way, Dzaman, 42, said it was an incredible experience.

    He and Hanson, 32, had been planning the trip for more than a year when the economic downturn began. Three months before setting off, they realized it was the right time for them to make the plan a reality.
    Setting off on July 12, the pair made their way to Vancouver, then flew to South Korea where they caught a boat to Vladivostok, Russia, and began their circumnavigational return to Calgary.


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