MONTREAL - People under the age 25 and anyone with fewer than five years of motorcycling experience might be barred from owning a high-risk motorcycle, under a system being studied by the Quebec's auto insurance board.
Gino Desrosiers, a spokesperson for le Societe de l'assurance automobile du Quebec, said Monday the agency is looking at France's registration-fee system for motorcyclists and might bring in a similar setup in 2011.
The French system includes seven categories of motorcycles, ranking them from the least to the most powerful highway-going motorbikes.
It also considers age and a person's motorcycling experience, while Quebec's current system does not, Desrosiers said.
The SAAQ has four categories of motorcycles: 125 cc or less; 126 to 400 cc, 401 cc and over, regular; and 401 cc and over, high risk.
The annual registration fees for Quebec motorcyclists now range from $218 to $1,030. Scooters, with a maximum of 50 cc, are in a separate category and cost $173 a year.