The BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation offers some tips for staying safe on a motorcycle:
• Ride like you’re invisible – Don’t assume other drivers can see you.
• Watch out for left-turning vehicles – Don’t assume they will wait for you to drive through the intersection. They may not even see you.
• Dress as if you plan to crash – Wear appropriate gear to maximize your protection that is “armoured” bright and reflective.
• Be aware of hazardous road conditions – Wet roads, sand, gravel, potholes and other hazards may cause a motorcycle to fall.
• Pay attention to posted speeds and watch the road ahead – Reduce speed on curves and watch for oncoming vehicles. Many crashes happen when a rider overshoots the road ahead or crosses the centre line.

Wear A Helmet
Helmets are mandatory in B.C. and prevent head injuries in 67 percent of crashes and 29 per cent of deaths. Make sure your helmet meets current safety standards.

drive a car or a motorcycle while impaired – Driving is impaired when the ability to do so is affected by any substance or condition that changes the mood or perception of reality of the driver. Alcohol or drugs, illicit or prescription, and even fatigue and stress will impair your driving. A combination of any or all of these things can be deadly.